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Our company practices the "Quality Management System" for the last 6 years. We were certified by TSE with TSE-ISO-EN-9001 in 1996 as the first company received this certification in the plastics sector. After the auditing by TSE, our Quality Management System is certified with the revised ISO 9001-2000, in 2002. The major commitment of our Quality Management Policy is to increase the customer satisfaction, improve the quality management systems continuously and maintain the reliable and trustable image of our brand in plastics industry. Our company is aware of that the most important element of the Quality Management System is human resource. Therefore the employees attend special training sessions every year to improve their and the company's overall performance. Research & Development activities are paid the most attention in order to maintain the high quality production and new product development for wider product portfolio. The Quality Management System starts in Design Process in EGEPLAST. For that reason, the ISO 9001 Model were preferred during our first application to TSE in 1996. In our company, the new product development requests and product improvement activities are evaluated as a "Project". The Research And Development Department is fully assigned for the design process. During this process the mechanical extrusion techniques are supported by AutoCAD R 14 Software and all new technologies are taken into consideration. Each Step of the Design Process is controlled and checked by Research and Development Department and related personnel. That is very important to avoid any possible problems that might occur during production process in the future. The changing factors such as usage purpose, the place to be used, life cycle, convenience, packaging are taken into consideration before the design is prepared. The process is followed until the product is manufactured completely and with zero defect. The products of EGEPLAST are in conformity with many National and International Standards including TSE and GOST.
Pinar Vana started toll manufacturing in 1984 in industrial sector and in 1994 it created Nesil brand within framework of customer oriented understanding together with growing goal. Pinar Vana performed manufacturing in 20.000 square meter area in Konya. It provides many products such as sliding valve, fire hydrants, checkvalves, agricultural irrigation hydrants, butterfly valves, dismantling parts, cast joints and many products with its customers under Nesil brand. It has Brand registration, TSE, TSEK, TS EN ISO 9001-2015 and CE certificates within framework of quality understanding. Prior objective of our company is continuously improving product quality, to increase sales volume and production capacity properly and to present best quality with most suitable price by standard and mass production. Pinar Dokun which continues to grow in sector is rightfully proud of using power and energy which are received for you for using again in service for you.
Ufuk Tarim is the producer and marketer of agricultural products such as EC Fertilizers, Plant Growth Regulators, Organic Fertilizers and Agricultural Helping substances since 1998. The company’s products are in international standards notably in European Standards and it is known as leading the field with the brand of AGRONOM and AGROMIX. In its sector with the aim of enhancing the quality and protect the harvest Ufuk Tarim has developed, registered and produced formulations 1. In accordance with Organic Agriculture, EUROP-GAP or Conventional and Agricultural production process 2. In accordance with the plant type such as mango, grape, hazelnut, cotton, fruits and vegetables 3. In accordance with the vegetative period (seeding, blossom, fruit) 4. In accordance with the type of the application (mixed with soil, drip irrigation, by spraying) 5. In accordance with the type of the soil (acidic, alkaline, neutral,) 6. In accordance with the type of the area and the attribute of the harvest (cropland, greenhouse, soil and hydroponic agriculture) 7. In accordance with the usage dose (Single Dose and Multi Dose) 8. In custom fields such as Grape Dip Concentrate, Wild Animal Repellent. The company has many unique, innovative and initial products. Such as Fe-EDDHA 6% (5 ortho, ortho ) first in the middle east and single dosage fertilizers first in the world. Moreover Research and Development activities are on progress. These products are divided in two main groups considering the customer. 1. General Agriculture 2. Urban Agriculture
Mikron is an international company, Which is manufacturer and exporter of PP-R Pipes and fittings for hot and cold water supply systems. Our company was established in 1990 and serve as a manufacturer of metal brass (cu-zn) inserts to sub-industry for many years . Since from 2000, Mikron has begun to produce alsothe PPRC Fittings, decorative valves. Our company continue its activities in Istanbul - Turkey and already certified according to ISO 9001: 2008 requirements. We have an experienced and technically qualifiedstaff at all manufacturing process. This principle of our company is " Production With Micron Sensitivity." Mikron define its basic quality policy as " an exact customer satisfaction." By designed innovated products, Mikron create a difference place in the market. Our aim is increasing of export to serve global market with our wide range of machinery. We are proud of serving our customers with qualified staff and a modern infrastructure which adapt itself to develop technology. Mikron producing special forging and machining products on customer request beside its existing products. Customer satisfaction and product quality isour policy that will help us to be one of the big player in global market and make feel difference from our competitors. Your first contact to us will help you to find your longterm bussiness and solution partner in this field.
Started its production activities with one extruder machine in 1996, KARBIR PLASTIC has established KARBIR PVC PIPE PROFILE INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. and, in 2008, it changed its name and took the name of KARBIR MACHINE TRANSPORT CONSTRUCTION and PLASTIC INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. Nowadays, it continues to make production and sales with an understanding of quality and perfect service in parallel with the developing technology by increasing its product range in the sector in which it carries out its activities. With a team spirit aiming at continuous development and success; we, Karbir Plastic, which adopts an understanding of quality and perfect service by way of following the developing technology, have always been beside you for your permanent satisfaction by moving beyond the production and sales and will do continue to do so with the same consciousness.
AVEAPLAST was established in late September 2011 by Mustafa APAYDIN who was general manager and has significant contribute since its foundation until today's level of one of the biggest irrigation com
With 32 years of experience, OZDOGANPLAST, one of the leading plastic pipe producers in the sector, operates in three main business areas as superstructure, infrastructure and agricultural irrigation. With its advanced technology used in the production of plastic pipes, OZDOGAN PLAST constantly increases the quality service provided to its customers in the domestic market as well as in the international market. OZDOGANPLAST continues its production and other activities at Izmir Kemalpasa Organized Industrial Zone and Sanliurfa Organized Industrial Zone in total 20.000 sqm facilities. OZDOGANPLAST, which opened its second production facility in Sanliurfa to increase its production capacity, exports to more than 30 countries in the African, Balkans and Middle East markets. , OZDOGANPLAST, which invests and develops in manufacturing Technologies. OZDOGANPLAST produce HDPE Corrugated Pipes, Polyethylen Pipes, PVC Drainage Pipes and HDPE Telecommunication Data Pipes in Infrastructure field, PPR Hot/Cold Water Pipes in Sanitary field and Irrigation Pipes, Drip Irrigation Pipes and Valves in Agricultural Irrigation field. OZDOGANPLAST has been certified by ISO 9001:2008 System Quality and TSE (Turkish Standard Institute). OZDOGANPLAST continues to develop innovative products with the highest quality in order to satisfy it’s customers’ demands in abroad as well as in Turkey.